As a representative you strive for optimal sales figures and to strengthen our brand awareness.
The sales and profit targets must be achieved and you do everything to achieve this.
You do this by holding sales meetings with (potential) customers and acquisition.
You are responsible for bringing in new customers and maintaining relationships with existing customers.
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• Visiting and recruiting customers.


• Inform customers optimally and make them enthusiastic about Ecoled products.


• After visiting your customers, you make your own route planning, reports and ensure that the sales administration is in order.

Core tasks

• Acting as a personal contact to customers: you conduct sales conversations, you provide pre-sale information, you make estimates, you process accepted offers in the right systems, you offer solutions (also with regard to any problems).

• Product knowledge of both the products offered at Ecoled and on the market.

• Relationship management and after-sales, active customer contact both by telephone and by visiting proactive customers, you gauge whether the customer is satisfied and you come into contact with customers who have not placed an order recently.

• Orders with an installation must be taken on the basis of an installation form. You follow up projects by coordinating them with the administration and installation departments.

• Administrative tasks, such as entering customer data in both Quickbooks and the customer archive. Entering orders in the right systems, checking layaways, following up and having estimates checked and taking care of delivering orders.

• Store appearance: supplementing products, ensuring a tidy environment for the customer.

• Presenting new products and / or promotions interesting for your customers.

• Participates actively in the weekly meeting with the team.


• Minimum 2 to 3 years of relevant work experience in the sales or related sales position.

• Language skills: English and Dutch, Papiamento and Spanish

• Skills: sales skills, communication skills, product knowledge, team player, accurate and precise work, sense of responsibility, flexibility.


• Attitude: follow guidelines and procedures to optimize operation, great commitment to customers, integrity and respectful interaction with colleagues.


• Proposing suggestions to optimize internal operation, positive attitude towards the team and towards the customer


• Knowledge: basic knowledge of lighting, being able to work optimally with Microsoft Office, Administration software, internet explorer.


• Requirements: Driving license B, in possession of a car.

Performance motivation, you are intrinsically motivated to achieve goals and to be successful. You have a preference for activities that appeal to your competences. You choose tasks that may be above you. You experience little fear of failure.


Initiative, you dare to go for opportunities and problems without the encouragement of someone else. You collect relevant information and work in a well-considered manner.


Sales skills, you know your product range, you can listen well, ask the right questions, you are creative and inventive, you can convince, you have an eye for an upsale, you can and dare to negotiate. A good negotiator is prepared, can take the other by surprise and uses different perspectives and strategies.


Commercial insight, you know how the market mechanisms work inside and outside the company. You know why certain products are successful. You know and understand the needs of the customers. You know the competition You have a good numerical insight, because you are responsible for the sales results that are equal to achieving the set targets.


Customer focus, you respect the customer, you are a service provider. You think and acts customer oriented. You act with integrity by selling the right product to the customer and not by the most commission. You are solution-oriented by translating customer problems into a good solution. You can understand the customer without losing sight of your business sense and the interests of the company.


Communication skills, you can conduct a sales conversation and above all listen to the customer, you have empathy and you understand the needs. You can negotiate and convince. You dare to approach potential customers.