As a purchaser you bear the responsibility for the complete purchase of the (fixed) assortment, materials and custom-made orders.


You ensure that there is a constant flow in the purchasing process and process this information in the appropriate systems.

Ensure and continuously monitor a good price-quality ratio.


In addition, you are responsible for the administrative actions with regard to the stock and manage the products in the various systems so that they are always up-to-date.

  • Price and quality monitoring; responsible for a constant in the (fixed) assortment at competitive purchase prices as well as the quality of the products


  • Relationship management; effecting and maintaining good cooperation between suppliers and Ecoled Aruba


  • Responsible for the complete administration of the purchasing process from PO to customs formalities


  • Complaint handling; with defective or poor quality products you maintain contact with the supplier

Core tasks

  • Ensure proper provisioning of Ecoled Aruba. That means to monitor the fixed range as well as the materials and purchase on time,

  • You are responsible for the inventory count, this must take place on a regular basis, that is, a monthly count per category and a complete count twice a year. If a count is deemed necessary earlier, it will be inserted in the meantime. You reserve the time and staff for this count yourself,


  • Ensure good quality of the products by regularly sampling them,


  • Maintain contact with suppliers, ie negotiate competitive prices for both Ecoled and the consumer, but also the quality of a product. If a product has become considerably cheaper, consider whether a more competitive price can be offered to the customer.

  • Ensure the stock is correct with regard to Exact. If there are differences, It is necessary to check and make corrections.


  • Ensure that orders are placed in Exact and Podio via a PO, control the process from order to payment up to and including delivery.


  • Orders are always processed through the administration in order to guarantee a 4-eyes principle. All correspondence with suppliers takes place via the designated mailbox from Ecoled Aruba. Placing or changing orders must always be in writing (email).


  • You are responsible for the timely purchase of products made to order. 


  • Draw up a purchasing strategy, in which you consider how you can best purchase for Ecoled by, for example, purchasing large parties that can be transported by sea freight at a competitive price. You constantly weigh the interests of both customer and Ecoled to prevent unnecessary costs such as air freight.


  • Monitor via pending orders whether the downpayments have been made (if required) and order the products for the customer on the basis of these orders.


  • The control of the shipments, the correct delivery within Exact and the labeling of the products fall under your responsibility as well as the cleaning up of the shipment within the stipulated period.


  • You delve into the market to introduce new products that can expand and / or extend the range. If necessary, you also visit trade fairs to gain knowledge / ideas about new products.


  • If new products are added to the range, ensure that these products are entered in Exact andPodrio is updated as well.


  • Together with the sales team you ensure that the store appearance is in good order, that is, products are mirrored and the products in the showcase are functioning.


• Minimum 2 to 3 years of relevant work experience in the sales or related sales position.

• Language skills: English and Dutch, Papiamento and Spanish

• Skills: sales skills, communication skills, product knowledge, team player, accurate and precise work, sense of responsibility, flexibility.


• Attitude: follow guidelines and procedures to optimize operation, great commitment to customers, integrity and respectful interaction with colleagues.


• Proposing suggestions to optimize internal operation, positive attitude towards the team and towards the customer


• Knowledge: basic knowledge of lighting, being able to work optimally with Microsoft Office, Administration software, internet explorer.


• Requirements: Driving license B, in possession of a car.

Numerical, An important part of your work is determining the stock that is already in the house, and determining the quantities of products and materials that you must order. You compare the prices of different suppliers. You determine the purchasing capacity and carry out the budgeting. You use your numerical insight in all these activities.


Negotiation, You always try to negotiate the best price for your purchases. That is why you must be able to negotiate well with your (current) suppliers. A result-oriented and decisive attitude is essential here. On the other hand, no workable agreements will be reached if you cannot listen properly to the other party. You will need a sense of tact and empathy. Your attitude towards your supplier is also honorable.


Being able to switch quickly, you have to be able to arrange and coordinate many things at the same time around the purchasing process. If there is a kink in the cable, for example a delayed delivery of an order, a suitable solution must be found. Being able to switch smoothly and quickly from one task to the other is in your blood. Planning your time well and being able to handle stress are also part of this skill.


Commercial insight, you know how the market mechanisms work inside and outside the company. You know why certain products are successful. You know and understand the needs of the customers. You know the competition and you have good numerical insight. You set up your procurement policy in such a way that you can achieve the highest possible procurement performance. You constantly analyze these and come up with new initiatives to increase them.


Accurate work, when it comes to purchasing, there is constant control over time, money and capacity. Large amounts are often involved and the products must be available in a short period of time. All this requires that you work very accurately. You make clear agreements with suppliers and your sales team to prevent misunderstandings about incorrect or delayed orders afterwards.


Communication skills, in order to achieve a good cooperation with your supplier it is important that you have good communication skills. Be clear and listen carefully. You can negotiate well and convince to ensure the best value for money