In this particular role you will be a management assistant for the office as well as a personal assistant to the managing director. Besides that, you support admin department in certain administrative processes.


You make sure things run smoothly in the office and you are able to tackle problems in case they do not. Together with admin department you will start up processing all workflows and descriptions and you will make sure that the team has access to it like in a learning portal. 


In you we will find someone who works good in a team as well as independently. Your ambition is to make Ecoled a smooth-running company where people love to go to work. But also, to customers you spread the word that we deliver quality products as well as service.


You are an integer person, we can count on you and you are not upset when the clock says it was already time to go home. You are accurate and secure in your job and the way you present it to the people around you.


You feel connected to the management department and you speak up when you are not. In Ecoled you see the opportunity to grow personally together with the company.

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  • Support to admin department

  • Personal Assistant to managing director

  • Office manager to team and suppliers

  • Full management support

Core tasks

  • Acting as first point of contact and dealing with correspondence and phone calls

  • Assists with all daily administrative duties and completes a broad variety of tasks such as type, prepare and archive reports, presentations and correspondence


  • Together with admin department you will create workflows, descriptions, etc. and you make sure that people have access to this information


  • Assisting admin department with digitalizing receipts, documents, orders etc.

  • Managing databases such as Podio logbook and make arrangements for vehicle services, airco services, insurance renewal etc.

  • Maintain contact with local suppliers and prepare end of year gifts

  • Maintain office supplies and groceries for the office.

  • Address team or individuals in case of indecent behavior, late coming etc. and report to manager or admin department

  • Prepare reviews twice a year and plan with team member and manager off site. 

  • Managing agenda and organizing meetings or appointments on request

  • Full management support for managing director but most of all a hands-on mentality and pro-active approach as much as possible to relieve work. Taking initiative in prioritizing tasks together with manager on a daily basis.

  • Booking and arranging travel, transport and accommodation

  • In case of events, conferences or project plans you will be assisting manager accordingly

  • Liaising with staff by preparing weekly or monthly meetings 

  • Miscellaneous tasks to support manager which will vary according to the managers remit. Such as completing documents and forms, visiting government facilities such as tax office or DIMAS for permits but also any other assistance with private arrangements as may reasonably be required by manager such as filling out personal paperwork or making appointments. Remind manager of appointments and take initiative to make these upfront. 


  • Education: Masters degree and minimum of 2 to 3 years of relevant working experience in a role as assistant, office manager or management. 

  • Languages: Dutch, English

  • Skills: you work accurate and secure but most of all you are very integer. In case of passing on confidential information or conspiracy this will lead to immediate dismissal. You feel extremely responsible for taking your tasks and job seriously. You are flexible, no 9-5 mentality, in you we find a team-player as well as someone who could work independently. 

  • Attitude: You take initiative and you have a respectful interaction with colleagues and yet again you work integer. Follow up on guidelines and procedures to optimize your work and that of others but also take initiative to refresh certain processes. 

  • Knowledge: able to work with Exact, Podio, Word, Outlook, any knowledge about the procedures on Aruba such as these of tax office, government etc.  

  • Requirements: drivers license and owing a car

Quality oriented, you have high demands on how you perform your job but also that of others. You continuously strive for improvement and you are not satisfied with good enough. You try to avoid mistakes or learn from them and improve them for a next time. 


Initiative, you dare to go for opportunities and problems without the encouragement of someone else. You take on tasks and where necessary you help others. You collect relevant information and work in a well-considered way.


Responsible, you are aware of the tasks and duties that you have. You feel involved in the organization and responsible for the work you deliver. You work seriously, carefully and conscientiously. You attract responsibilities to you where possible. You need little guidance.


Integrity, you are dealing with confidential information that you treat confidentially. You perform your job adequately and carefully consider your actions with keeping in mind the applicable rules and your responsibilities.


Accurate, you strive for accuracy. You pay attention to details, you know the guidelines of the company and you act within them. You are also accurate in your time schedule. You know how to prioritize the most important tasks. You have discipline and you are focused on working towards the results.


Flexible, you do not have a 9-5 mentality, if work needs to be finished, you are willing to do this. You are willing to help out the people around you. You keep working efficiently under changing circumstances. You come up with solutions for new situations.


Work independent, you are able to perform your own work properly without the help of others. You are able to take on new tasks yourself and you can solve problems independently as good as possible. You set goals, you optimize your results and you help others if necessary. You dare to bring in ideas for change or improvement. You spend your time useful and look for meaningful work when you have time.