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"Because we want to be the premium provider of lighting"

expert advice

Even if you choose to not buy products from us we can guide & assist you with expert advice when planning & purchasing due to our vast knowledge & experience in this field.


We do more than just light consulting and providing top products. We are happy to guide you through the installation process with one of our trained led specialists

light design

We will gladly assist your lighting plans. With our lighting software we can calculate the light intensity and the needed amount of fixtures.

led products

We offer LED products that we scan for quality. Our lights meet the best standards & requirements and are very efficient. All our products also have a standard 2 year warranty. 



As founder of Ecoled Aruba Roy strives daily to push service and quality to the next level


In charge of all the work behind the scene Charlotte makes it possible to get things done


In 2019 Tim came back to Aruba to support our team. In our planning department he helps out to make all installations happen on time


With a passion for eco-friendly Chantal focus in the sales department is to find the perfect balance between energy efficient and beautiful products


With years of experience Harvey helps the team out with all the technical stuff that is happening so we always find the perfect solution


Our specialist in LED installations, when it comes to a challenge we have David to solve the puzzle


As a new guy in the LED industry Jason is helping out David while learning all the elements of a professional installation and high service standards


Taking care of all the little things Natalia helps out our team so they are even more productive in getting things done

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